Paid Social Ads

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Data based and creative approach to advertising

As the content geeks that we are, we take great pleasure in creating the right content for advertising, which we continually optimize based on the valuable data that Paid Social Ads feed us.

We believe that a combination of the right content and strategic Paid Social Ads on e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok etc. makes it possible for you to achieve your brand's objectives.

Whether you want more sign ups to your newsletter from Facebook, to run traffic-driven branding campaigns on Instagram, or a niche B2B campaign track on LinkedIn, we take care of the entire digital customer journey. and ensure an efficient flow between newsletters, website, social channels and ads - all in a retargeting loop, where we constantly get to know the target group better and optimize based on this knowledge.

Data-based starting point

A thorough analysis of your brand's platforms must shape the basis of a strong strategy. The analysis gives us both the opportunity to learn more about the creative and visual universe we are in, but at the same time provides a data insight that allows us to target the strategy to the people in your target group who are most likely to convert. We obtain this data from, among other things, e-com lists, newsletter lists or via pixels. Therefore, we can use the artificial intelligence of social media to create lookalike target groups from the very beginning.


Based on thorough, initial talks and analyses, we find out which objectives we must work to achieve. We often work with a combination of soft and hard KPIs, which can for example be knowledge and time spent combined with sales and sign ups. By setting goals from the start, we ensure a successful and satisfactory collaboration, where we already from the design of the ads are clear in which direction we must optimize.

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We collaborate with Denmark's strongest content creators to reach a target audience with strong purchasing power.

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Engaging creatives

As part of a collaboration with buzzanova, a team of skilled copywriters and content developers is brought together. They are at the forefront of creating ads that have the greatest possible potential to reach widely, engage and create conversions based on your specific objectives. As a standard we prepare a number of different creatives and texts so that we can optimize which ads produce the best results. The ads are always approved by you before going live, so that you can insure which messages, images and videos gets posted on your channels.

Ongoing optimization and evaluation

We constantly keep an eye on your ads and budgets in order to ensure that your brand gets the most value for money. We optimize messages, texts and creatives based on data parameters such as lead price, CTR and views – all with our previously agreed objectives in mind. Optimization is our strongest tool when it comes to getting the most out of your advertising money. Depending on the need, we regularly make reports, which can be used to analyze and assess the further process and cooperation.